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Episode 1 · 1 year ago

Neeraj Shah of Titan Masterminds: From offline to online networking, how to create successful collaborations through masterminds


Neeraj Shah is the founder of Titan Masterminds and resident of No 3 Global Square.

In this first episode, Neeraj talks about his journey of growing BNI India to over 10,000 members across 21 cities and becoming an expert in online networking on social media platform Linkedin. Neeraj talks about how he works with entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to run masterminds that lead to successful collaborations and business growth. 

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[1:46] Part 1 - How Neeraj discovered his talent for teaching

[7:52] How Neeraj started a networking revolution in India

[9:09] Part 2 - How Neeraj work with clients when they first meet him

[12:00] Pivoting into online and using Linkedin

[14:06] Why use Linkedin for business networking

[17:05] Part 3 - Future of Titan Masterminds

[18:03] How a collaboration created a financial investment system with over $10m of assets

[25:13] Final advise from Neeraj

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Welcome to the YGV HUNDRED FM podcast. I'm your host wound time in this podcast. Invite you to join us in the exciting world of your global village. If this is your first time here, we are a community living and working in a matter verse inspired village. Our purpose with this podcast is to share the stories of each resident and find the lessons learned that can help you get better results and have a bigger impact, whether you're just starting out in Your Business or your season entrepreneur. You'll find fresh ideas and inspiration in these stories. Welcome to the YGV HUNDRED FM podcast. With me today I've got me Rach Shah from Titan mastermind. Welcome to the show. In you rush. Thank you, worn. It's an absolute pleasure to be here and y gave one hundred FM. Do you like the studio man and not the studio work, L Sudie, you have yes, it looks amazing. So let's jump straight into the the content, right. So it's it's really about your tree stories. There's obviously the first part, which is really the personal story, the personal impact, your background, and then the second part. We're going to be talking a bit about your current business. What is it that you do and the business impact that you have. And then the third part of the stories, the future story. How are you going to make an impact to the community? So that's going through the put one. So tell us a bit about who you are, how you became who you are today. What are the key moments in your journey and what were the big decisions that meet you you get to where you want to do? If I was to really look back, you know when we're able to connect the dots. I think one key founding moment in my life was around the age of six and my parents decided to go on a world trip and I decided not to join them and I stayed with my grandmother and I was still in kinderpartner line. I may have been five or six at that time, and I remember coming back one day home from school and I sat with my grandmother expecting her to read with me the English books that we have been learning, and to my surprise, she couldn't. Actually we write English. So I got very upset and frustrated and you're after a while, I don't know something. You are just nicked in my head. I said, okay, well, you know, I probably didn't know how to read or write English before, and my mom was teaching me and school was teaching we. I think I could even teach that to my grandmother and I took it up on me to teach her English and she went on to, you know, be able to read and write English through me. So you know, that was something quite amazing and to get that real encouragement. So I guess, you know, somehow at that point in time I must have found out that I had a teacher in me somewhere. But it's not much later until I had the courage to follow my path. So you know, it's maybe when I was thirteen, so almost like twenty four years, twenty five years later, that I had the courage to following. So I had a particular incident that happened in two thousand and one in May, where my wife passed away at the time and it was in a very tragic incident and I was there with her and it was very hurrying for me and whenever I think anything like that happens in particularly...

...when I think you're you're young, it makes you just question why are you here and what are you here to do, and I just felt again this was one of those shaping moments that somehow I had been left behind. There must be some purpose that God has for me and I've got a really in it and really walk along that particular part. No matter how you don't fearful. I am. And and that point in time, I think, when you've lost everything that you care for, then the thinking is that you really haven't got anything to lose. And I was thinking, you know, I can't keep living my life, living what my parents wanted me to do or what my family wanted me to do, because at that time I send my family business. So I decided to go and just find my own part and I think that kind of took me to a part where I moved from the UK with the one way ticket to India and started a business networking group. And one of the things that I have to do is part of that business network group is really teach people have a network. So you know, you can say that I came back into teaching in around about way and I really found my calling. So I think that's how that's really my back story coming into this. And I moved to India knowing just one person to start business, that I knew nothing about food and and literally started from scratch and, you know, went on to build that particular business to in the next eleven hears, take it to about twenty eight cities across India and Group of Zero P ten thousand plus entrepreneurs. So it really was an incredible journey and I wouldn't been able to take that had I not had the little lunches and realizations along the way. And so you where did you grow up? You grew up in the UK. So born in Kenya, I was there until the age of twelve. Then we moved to the UK and then when, and this happened, I've been between two thousand and one and those having three. You know, I kind of price in the in the UK and then I decided to move to India. So my grandparents were born in India, so I kind of ended up completing the circle of the triangle. Cool. So yeah, thanks for sharing that backgun story. I think that's fascinating. You show a bit about what you did when you were BNI in India. Well being is basically a networking organization, so it works with entrepreneurs to help them get referrals. So it was a referal and business networking organization. Really we had a system, really had one person from reach trade of profession getting together every week, people learning about each other's business, but not only learning about each other's business. I think the key thing here is developing relationships and not only that, learning how to use social selling principles, which, whether you are networking offline or online, I think is a key still set their people need to learn. And you know, you'll always hear the successful people saying that. You know, it's your your network, which will be carrying your...

...network worth and definitely I've seen that it come about, but it's not really from that particular perspective. I think you know, you are the average of the five people that you hang out with. So, you know, trying hang out with some like minded people who are looking towards to grow and help you grow, to get the with them. So I think that's what we were allowing people to do and I think really we were the pioneers and bringing networking to India and really starting a networking revolution. Amazing. Let's jump into the part two of this interview, right. So this is kind of your business title, muster minds, right, and I know you're your real expert in Linkedin and I've been to your training courses and could you show first you know, what's the what is the before story went when people come to you? What are the some of the challenges or problems that clients face when working with you, when they start working for you and you know, what do they what are the feelings and needs when they first approach you? I think typically what happens is their own a manage businesses. So they were many different hats and they're trying to do many different things and often, you know, they have a good technical knowledge. They would have maybe work for a larger company or something like that. Way they would have developed that technical know how or they would have got a certain qualification that allow them with the work experience and then they would have decided to go on their own, being entrepreneur. What would have with them? And initially what happens is that they end up starting with some clients that they're already work with, some people that they know, and when they do a good job and there's that personal service, then people end up getting very results and referring you on to other people and typically their business is going through word of mouth. They don't actually have any marketing system. They have a great operational system, they're able to deliver whatever partners that it is that they want to but they don't actually have a marketing system, they would not maybe have looked at their product side and they would be good at sales. So I think they get to a ceiling and they get to a level of frustration where they're working really hard, they might be even working with more clients, they may be having more revenue, but they're not really able to move forward in a way which is sustainable. There's feast and famine and you know, it keeps going up and down. So then they realize that actually they need to have a system, a marketing system which will help them scale up. So I developed a lot of marketing know how as I stealed up. They and I India and we use both online and offline. And you know, I was a pioneer and social media or I remember running be a nice first ever social media workshop in two thousand and eight when you are very few people would have understood it, but I really understood how the network in the social media layer work well together. So I think what happened is pretty much had an offline business before covid and I was running the business, coaching sessions, growth sessions, you know, over a year working in a group coaching sessions, and then I realized that, look, with covered happening, we don't know when we're going to be able to me each offline and we're going to have to pivot online, and I felt that that...

...point in time, virtual networking would be something that would be important. And when I was talking to customers and say hey, I'm thinking of putting together a linkedin workshop, how many of you would be interested in you're a whole bunch of them said, you know, yes, in fact a couple of hundred of them said yes. So that immediately told me that, yes, this is something I need to focus on. So I really kind of go deep into it. I have already, we did, but not been utilizing it fully. So I made it a point to say that, okay, let me use this to pivot my business and help it go global, not only local, but not local within the Mumbay region, but even across India, and I was able to do that really well. Great Linkedin. So all the things that I've learned from networking and social media and how we had utilize it to grow being our initially formed, helping me get more members and then helping me get franchises. So members it's more be to see kind of model, whereas getting French and SAS is more to be to becap model. So we had ended up using it for that and I had an opportunity to write a book with the founder of B and I did minagement hero, the offlying version of networking is he felt I had the expertise to write about or line because I've already demonstrated it. So we ended up putting together this book, you know, which really I don't, helped us get lictor inhabizens of leads and convert you absolutely hundreds of new memments just because of that the book. So remus tell us a bit about, you know, one of the outcomes of results that you get when you with these clients that you have. So one of the things to understand is that linkedin is a business networking platform, but it is also a social network and people would like to see the business side of view end the personal part of you. So it's a better for paradox, and actually that's the case even in offline networks. People would like to know who you are, what your interests are. If there's some popularities the immediately those become talking points or they become points that you follow a person or you'll resonate with. So I think you know really understanding that. We began to craft a simple system that would help you really leverage Linkedin, and there's some key things are now there's some seven hundred and seventy four million people on linked in. Okay, so it is the number one business network. Or out of five people are decision actors and fifty five percent of the people on Linkedin actually earned more than seventy five thousand pops. So they are decisionnators and high incomes and therefore it should put those together. Then you can actually use it to sell high value products and services and you don't need to end up having your major like funnels and you are paying facebook add costs or things like that. You're able to grow these things quite organically because you organic reach of the Linkedin is amazing. For what I would say is that I basically help consultant, sexperts and coaching wintenzero dollar plus lines using linkedin in just fifteen minutes a day, because everyone is time pressed and we would like to get results. You know, you don't tell me it's going to take a...

...couple of hours, you know, each day to get the result. Show me how I can get the results I need within a short period of time, and particularly because Lort of government managed businesses, they're varying multiple hats, so they are also involved in the delivery side of things. So that's what we have been doing. I think the other thing that really began to grow, and a couple of clients began to ask it, is that they saw that they could have their CSO teams being more active on Linkedin and particularly if we could get them to a position themselves as fort leader, it would actually help them or in their own career and also it could help the business for the company. So we've done a number of programs on that. So I would say that, you know, these are two groups of people that I work with one on one, entrepreneurs and want to you know, lether cooperings that it is looking to grow their first from brand and ship amazing. One of the things that we all very passionate about is really creating impact in a community, you know, network right. So, you know, could you show the verse? You know, how will you shape the story of the world. Right. So if you imagine today's two thousand and twenty six looking back in the past five years, what would you say out of highlights in the in the past five years? So I believe you don't be the word ten. It's like you don't like a Greek God. And I think there's a titan within us. We've got to discover that, tighten and help that typon shine or and really play to our strengths and positively impact the world with those particulars friends. So I think the Titan method essentially helps people to do that, to really discover what they have particular greatness is to be able to package it into a product or service that can really benefit people and to create a community, because I think in this day and age communities very important. There's a lot of collaboration that can happen, and I'll just share some amazing stories where we've had people initially first get clear about who they are, how do they add value to the world, and then, once they got clear about that, beginning to talk to each other, you know who were coming from different spaces, and there was a group of three of them that were open financial services, but all they'd something different. One was a large doctor, per rich hads, and six hundred franchises it across India. Another one was a options trader who was able to help you generate more alpha, as it's called. You don't higher returns on your existing board for years and for proprietary from funds, you know. So large companies certainly have a lot of cash and you know they try and maximize the returns that they would get and and he was able to do that. And then my own financial adviser, who you know, every time she used to help me with my financial planning, always used to be amazed at how I was wearing my own business and was always interested. So you know when I said that, hey, you don't I've started my own thing and I'm going to help business owners grow their business, she's the first person to put up to say hey. And you know, we went from nineteen clients to a hundred clients in one year, which was incredible think. So now these three people came together. I could see synergies between these three people. Now, imagine I'm the client. I already invested in stocks, mutual funds, etc. That my financial advisors advising...

...me to then I have this other guy who I'm also a client or but I'm paying him separately to manage some money that I've given in and generate extra returns through options trading. But we need an intermediary in between, that is a registered stock broker that is regulated, that can give me, or rather not me, but you know me, limits to be able to do this training so that I can also take my mutual fund port for you and my other Stop Port Perlier, collect it to the stock broker and, you know, through the option strategy, be able to generate extra recurrence and this started to give me cash flow and I said, look, guys, I'm going to be a Guinea pig. I said, you know, I trust all three of you because you, all of you, are my clients and I know you come with integrity and I think you know the three if you should really talk to each other. And they put this product together. I tested it out, you know, I was like this is amazing, and the returns were were fabulous and they've been able to now they have ten million dollars in assets. Your utilizing this system and it would not have been possible had each one of them tried to operate alone so I think there's a big move in terms of collaboration and I think this is my partnerships, collaborations and things can come together. So now they've all come together from the company, which is amazing. So, you know, we we were now talking the next level of investment planning today, you know, earlier in the afternoon, and it's just amazing how how far it's moved forward, because now they had a whole basket of things. They were able to give me parncy trading, they were able to give me foreign etfs outside of India because primary micxcursions in India, all sorts of other things, you know, which manage my risk, all sorts of things. But that all came from people speaking the same language, understanding that, you know, who are they, what can they be attacking in what are they key strengths? And then packaging it, because packaging is very important, and getting the pitch right, and I think that's where all the people's fruggle. People don't spend much time on the pitch and then, you know, end up not attracting either the right clients or the right high paying clients, you know, that are willing to pay the kind of phase that want to charge with the product work charge for. I think that's really important. That's really amazing. So this kind of collaboration obviously came out of your initiative taking Titan Muster minds and putting your people, you know, together. And actually, obviously it's no growing into something even big good and I think initially people need to take care of their own business and and you know, get a flow from that and then they can begin to look for the right partners and and you know, being in a room full of other titans just made it easy. You know, that was just one of the collaborations, but there were many others that have happened since. So what's the what's the future for Titan Master minds? I think really just to continue down this particular route. Are we we really are expanding things in a way where we have brought any more tech. So it's deep enable a lot of the...

...things that we used to do via readsheets and things like that. I have a back in software which allows me to real customize for people survey, to enter in specific data. Were able to extract their intellectual property, put it in the software, press a button and you know, it comes out and you get a full marketing system in place. So, you know, we can then help set up everything from social media post to video scripts, to email sequences to even getting the USP of the product right. So we you know that that's been something which has been very exciting and and now rewarding this out in the sing some amazing results. So I'd like to train a team of people who then maybe to help out this to do the same amazing. I think that's a very, very exciting it's some very exciting technology you're building there. So, yeah, at any other thing you would like to share. I think anything that you do you don's been to boiled down to your values. And I think one key thing that I just want to Escay, because I've been guilty of this earlier. Two things I'd say actually. Number One, stop trying to be perfect at everything. You're fai forward, get things going fast. The more you do it, the better you get at it, you know, and that's even though I didn't have a network when I moved here. You know, I didn't let any of those things stop me. I think. Look, I believe in this product, you know, and I will find a group of people that believe in this and we will make something happen you don't like before with down them. I'm going to make this happen. So I think just that and are single minded. Next, and and just to get started and not you don't wait for everything to be perfect. I think that's very important. And I think the second thing is that, as you begin to go through the journey, don't compare yourself to on this. It's unfair to compare yourself to someone who have been doing this for the last twenty five years or, you know, even though they may have done it, thank for the last three years, but you know someone backing them, you know who's putting in a million dollars in market. You you know, and if you don't have that, then I mean you can't. You're not comparing apples. draftworks and I think we're each on our own journey and and it's our job to decide. Okay, you don't, what's the direction I want you going and and and you know, enjoying the journey. I think that's it. This is of advice that I would give my younger son. And people can pay whatever these and from that. Thank you very much, near rash I think that was so, so appropriate because, like, yeah, I mean, I think taking speed and getting getting into action and then not not comparing yourself with others. Junior, I think there's a really wise advice from from you. Thank you very much. When you rich than here, thank here. So thank you very much for listening to the end of this episode. That was me Rushsha of Titan masterminds. Well, if you enjoyed this episode, be sure to tune into the next episode, episode number two, we have travel merriden of Mary Bonn media, and he's going to be talking about his journey from being a journalist to becoming a content consultant and why content is the key to positioning yourself as a todd leader in launch to find out more about your global village community. Had over to your global Villagecom Oh yes, and one more thing. There's a very...

...exciting treasure hand that goes alongside this podcast. So if you're listening in, you can enter this competition and you'll be in the running to win some amazing prizes along the way. That's it for now, and see you in the next episode.

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